Before i start there may be some bad grammar and clichés sorry about that.

I was playing some games on ROBLOX for 6 hours, I left after because it started to get boring so I decided to check forum posts. There was post called '2011'. I clicked on it, there was link. I clicked on it and it took me to mediafire Download. It was named '2011.exe'. I downloaded it and opened it. It was a video. What a fool I was I turned it on, the video subtitles said: Own your friends in bloody pingas Destroy pingas Pingasblox it's pingas! That was fake lol here's the real text: Bleed in xolbor (roblox backwards) Roblox!!! - glitchy voice- bleed anything!!!! sounds lebrex isnat wet it 3esmsrj millions of killed account - really weird and disturbing voice- Destroy dzudezdzhzdhwejsjaxc roblox... It bleeds! My computer shut down after. Hold on, there is something in the window... oh crap! I better go hide, it's c,dy fbgersbgy aevxgfuSEfd ku23 R YT3f ecyii NIJU6O7PTE6R5PE0[Y]\AWQNjl

Hello readers! Remember, 1x1x1x1 is king. I loved 2011 :) I think this little piece of shit writing about me could deserve another smack on the keyboard. He's not bleeding yet!

�szrs �,xdnetyhjn heursj,kael;w'esdnby;kz¬'ASMD

OK, he's dead now. Say goodbye to your friend. (2012.exe)

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