2005 was the year when ROBLOX just begun. New players join in the game thinking that this was an addictive game to play. Well, sort of. David and the other fellow ROBLOX teams had cheered in their office. A successful game that will now change history. There was a user. Somehow quite unusual. Name: AZS23


They were oddly confused. They thought it was a glitch of some sort of kind. They checked the coding system of the game and they confirmed that there was nothing odd in the system. David was baffled but wasn't that much concerned. They decided to head on and follow them. Track them down. One of the staff joined the game this odd user was playing. It was a plain baseplate with a smothered crappy road. Upon following it, he noticed that the skybox turned black. And the road became... into a blaze. Now, back then, ROBLOX didn't have those emitters or the particle effects. The whole entire team was watching and they were completely shocked of what they are seeing. AZS23 was there. At the corner of the baseplate. Just standing there... A completely dark robloxian. Nothing else. It turned around slowly to the user.

"Lets destroy all of mankind." It slowly appeared on the baseplate. All of a sudden, their computer crashed and was unable to turn back on. They went to the other computer and saw their signed in players being banned. Eventually all of them except for AZS23 and David's account was what's left.

Then the website shut down and was replaced by an Error page. Meaning that the website seized to exist. "You'll see me again" the words were shown on the error page. Then, just pure nothing. No website, and no more ROBLOX.

It took a year for them to rebuild the roblox page again. Finally, they released ROBLOX to the public once more but this time, they announced it. They never mentioned the incident.

2015, a user named AZS23 was created.

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