One time on ROBLOX in the year 2008, there was the username 1x1x1x1. he was a ROBLOX hacker. He could hack really well, and one day he tried to hack someone, but the problem was that the other person was a hacker too, so he couldn't hack him because the other person would try to hack right back at him.

That person, your question, was John Doe. He tried to hack him, but neither of them could hack each other. They both were the best hackers on ROBLOX, but they couldn't hack each other.

They both went like this for a long time, and then 1x1x1x1 met this other hacker to hack John Doe. His name was greg. They still couldn't do it though.

Sometimes they hacked a ton. They still couldn't do it, but then they found out John Doe had a helper too. His name was TheC0mmunity so they were both in trouble. They kept trying and trying, but they couldn't do it.

Then one day, 1x1x1x1 and greg gave up, so what they did was, one day they called a truce in the year 2010. They took two years to try to hack each other, but then they made a truce and made a giant hacker group, and at the time koolkid was the best hacker group, but they took over and they made their group so big they chose a time to hack everyone on ROBLOX. That day...March 18