Now, don't go saying this is fake because it is very short, THIS IS A REAL STORY. If you don't believe me, check the "Following" tab on my profile, page 3. ( It is very short because I only saw him once for like 10 minutes.

Now, for the story. So once in 2015, I forgot, I was just playing on ROBLOX doing random stuff, and I was playing this one game, it was like Draw Something. While I was guessing I saw the username in the corner of my screen. "ForReal1x1x1x1". Now, I start looking around and see him. He looks away. I felt like he was hiding something. I run at him. He stays. I try to run around to see his shirt but he turns around so I can't see his shirt. Then I realized, I could zoom out to see! Aha! So i zoom out, and guess what he is wearing. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be my character at the time, as my character was just the normal, blocky character ROBLOX standardly gives you all colored red, and I was so confused. What does this guy want from me? At the time I never heard of 1x1x1x1, but after I looked it up. So I ask in chat, "why do u have a picture of me on ur shirt?" He never replied. There was writing on his shirt but I couldn't make it out. He left. I returned to playing, and nobody saw what happened. To this day, I've never heard back, and I think the account is banned.

I remember this story because I reached 200 friends, and for some reason decided to check my "Following". I saw the "ForReal1x1x1x1" account, and looked him up again. I found this page, and decided to post this story. I will never have any idea of what it said on his shirt. (XD(lol)) But seriously, please go to my account and see if you can make out what is on his shirt. I tried to crop it out but it got too "pixely" for me to understand.

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