Hello, I would like to tell you that this story IS real. Do the steps, and look. :)


1x1x1x1 is a real user, just follow the steps to go there. ( if you search him it wont work this only works )

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Search "Jane Doe", then go to friend list.

Step 3: Click "IHaxLV".

Step 4: Go to friend list, then click 1x1x1x1.

You'll notice that either the page doesn't exist, or was removed, as said in the page. Here's a link to one of his games: (We don't know why it has so many favorites)

Now, do you think this is fake, or REAL? :) (Glad having you find that out)

Also, try and google 1x1x1x1. Probably you would get fake backstories, anyways you don't need to know the backstory, it's not like it's your problem. (If you really wanna know here is the real backstory)

It's either he is a permabanned account, deleted account, hacked account (People say he's a hacker but thats a theory), and a troll account. (To keep us trying to figure out what the hell that account is when it's just a deleted troll account, and this is one theory also)

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