Yea, again, this is a work in progress, I am new to making creepypastas, jadejadeja.

So basically, since I've given up at my previous creepypasta, Im making a new one.


Chapter 1: Resurrection

H#C#E#H#R# was an infamous hacker, he was found very often in the boring role-playing games filled with 3.0 Pal Hair 2016'ers with no brains, he very often made incredibly violent content, he swore very often, and was never reported until the late 2016s, he later re-joined ROBLOX, making the problem that was already a problem before, another new problem.

He was called "1n5an174", roughly meaning "Insanity" in numbers, based by his name, he did insane things, making many innocent places, trolling, roleplay or just random stuff, were turned into violent and dark places, for example, a place with a noob claming down a pro, would be turned into a noob torturing a pro.

He wasn't detected until he joined a server with a ROBLOX Moderator, getting banned for one day, [Yes, it's convinient but welcome to the idiotic humanity] he later joined the slightly less popular games, and the much higher rated games, many people quit due to their favorite games being deleted, and having nothing to do but chat with friends and play trash games.


Chapter 2: Time of Death

After H#C#E#H#R# was deleted, 1n4an174 traveled to the USA in Summer, suprisingly, he lived only a few kilometers from ROBLOX's HQ, 1n4an174 went there silently, once he saw the people, he suffocated them, drowned them and made ROBLOX shutdown, with a message saying "ROBLOX WEN EHT SI XOLBOR, .EID LLIW UOY RO NUR". Meaning "XOLBOR IS THE NEW ROBLOX, RUN OR YOU WILL DIE." in reverse. I tried searching "ROBLOX" on the net, but mainly I got news about one thing.

"Hacker kills moderators, admins etc., and destroyed "ROBLOX"."

It was suprising, I didn't even play ROBLOX after I just saw the brutal games.

It's so, I dunno, DUMB. DUMB is one of my few words I can use to describe him. It's just so dumb for a person to make ROBLOX nothing but an image, seriously, 200 MILLION USERS and YOU DO THIS?! Shame on you.


[moar coming soon]

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