There is a creepy robloxian on ROBLOX right now. I was posting on the forums like normal, until, I clicked on a thread. It had a link, which led to a player, called 1W1LLK1LLY03. Notice how it spells out I will kill you? He was all black. He had a game to the right which was these boards with black players, getting hanged. Soon, it was updated. More people were getting hanged and the place was now called: "?" The description was just ?. So was his blurb. He didn't have any friends, favorite anythings, badges, groups, knockouts and wipeouts, and items. Here is a link to the profile. I will update this later.

1W1LLK1LLY03 is now in his place. I joined. There was a bunch of other guys in the game. Here are the names of the hanged robloxians: Solidize, Orphaned, y03, DarkPresent, supersan4gogeta, Kunzite and Ghostliest. I think there were more, but I couldn't see them, because the game shut down! It's like 1W1LLK1LLY03 didn't want me to warn everyone about him! I will update soon!

I joined back in. I manged to find the last few hanged robloxians. They were: SmileyAli, mooshoorm24, ScaredAK and that's all. There were a lot of people in again. 1W1LLK1LLY03 was in, but I couldn't find him. Orphaned was in the game, black too! There were also some same names on some robloxians that got hanged. I noticed that the baseplate had a torn grass texture. Also, I noticed 1W1LLK1LLY03 has left. This will be updated!

Holy cow! 1W1LLK1LLY03 updated his thumbnail of a black robloxian with a creepy skull as his face. I have to check it out. There were grim reapers all over the place, all of them looking somewhat different. I found the reaper with the creepy skull. He said, "DIIIIIE!!!" I also found two other special grim reapers. They chased after me, and killed me. I noticed there was a sword, stabbed in one of the Deaths. Finally, I noticed a dead black robloxian named "?" That's all what got added, so I decided to leave. This will be updated, of course!

I finally joined again. It's been a while, so I was expecting something else. Sadly, nothing has changed. I was about to leave when I saw a speech bubble behind me. Another completely black robloxian. He said, "No one ever comes here anymore." It's true. He kept going on. "I don't have fun anymore." Even though his place was creepy, I felt a little bad for him. "But now since you're here, I can keep having fun." That doesn't sound good. All of a sudden, it teleported me to another game. It was called "My Funhouse." 1W1LLK1LLY03 joined the game. As soon as I looked him in the eye, all I saw was starch. The starch disappeared and he was right in my face. My computer shut down. When I turned it back on, my desktop picture was a close up of 1W1LLK1LLY03's face with grim text saying, "I MISS YOU." It didn't let me change the background. So, I went to ROBLOX and found all my items has disappeared, and I was now black too. I joined 1W1LLK1LLY03's place again. And, I saw myself hanged, just like all the other black robloxians. I knew it was me because it's name was "Sonicisbest123." My clone was also black.


oR iS iT?

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