It was May 3rd where i was usually bored i had no friends online so i began to play Lumber Tycoon 2. I was in my VIP server no friends were online so i started to play but then a user by the name joined: iiRemakeScaryGamesii He used to be my friend and he tried to scam me but got banned after that so i was totally crapping my pants right now Then i began to type: Oi i remember you were you banned becaause one of your games were like copylocked and you copied it. he didnt say anything but instead he said: Just give me your account so i can transfer my ROBLOX gift card on your account so i left the game but all of the likes and titles said "give me your account so i can transfer my ROBLOX gift card on your account" i shut off my monitor and turned it back on I had another message in my inbox i had 99+ messages i thought this one was a shedletsky trade request so i went in it and in my inbox i read a message saying "1THis iS iT1" i reported the player and then he got banned after a month i got the same message but on top it had a link to game it said "IM WATCHING YOU DENZEL4001" i didnt wanna join the game so i began playing with a online friend and he had the same problem to with another hacker but he wanted his green hair or else "He was gonna hack him" So then i began fighting with him but then iiRemakeScaryGamesii joined and then he turned the music to reversed roblox trailer music and he changed the sky to red and fog to blood red so then the hacker had left the game i looked the hacker up and he was banned i looked up iiRemakeScaryGamesii it said "No results" he started to hack the game when the ground turned blood red and then dissapeared he said DENZEL4001 GIVE ME YOUR ACCOUNT! My friend legomaster304 left and i was sent to another game it was a phising game and he teleported me to a robux generator so then i started to turn black and red and i left the game my computer turned off i was off my account i tried to log in but i couldnt reset the password because i had no email or gmail on there till this day im still scared of that player Now my new account is Denzel7892 with a email.

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