Hello. I'm roblox user PiePowersOfDoom08. I'm going to tell you what happened to me on roblox a few days ago.

It was a normal day.I was on roblox. I decided to play on Kavra's game. A few minutes later I was talking to a person.

That's when 1Ex1Ex1Ex1Ex1E joined the server. He walked over to me and the user I was talking with. After I called 1Ex1Ex1Ex1Ex1E named where I lived I called him a creep. Then a person banned me for no reason. So I got on my alt account. Me and the guy I was just talking to left the game. I joined im on a different game. But 1Ex1Ex1Ex1Ex1E stalked us onto that other game. Here is proof. He also claims to be 1x1x1x1's brother.
Creepy hacker stalked me onto a new game!01:48

Creepy hacker stalked me onto a new game!

He told me to check the users account. I checked it. Everything looked normal until I saw the profile status. "Hacked by 1Ex1Ex1Ex1Ex1E." He then told me my account was next (atleast it was my alt!). And I haven't seen him since then...

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