This is my 2nd creepypasta. Might be overfilled with cliches.

The username for this is pico64.



I was browsing through games and I found a decent game I played for 1 round that was called "Hide and Seek". I soon got bored and I left the game. I checked the comments for spam (like an idiot) and found one that said "JOIN MY GAME ITS SCARY 18+ ONLY" and being stupid, I went to the guy's profile. His name was 18+. I played his game, which was called "SCARY 18+". I played it, and when I went on it, it was similar to Melvin. I was thinking to myself 'This is just a Melvin copy. Nothing big.' and then it changed. I was in a room with a single bloody body hanged at the end. I was thinking, wow. I'm leaving this crap! When I tried, the game wouldn't close, and my character was moving on it's own towards the hanged body. As I got closer, the body's face began to grin more and more and more. When I was a stud away, it was a full teethy grin. When I touched it, my character died and blood spilled out. Instead of respawning, I was taken to a game called "The Hell of Roblox". When I got there, my character changed to being translucent and there were lots of others as well. All their names were their usernames with a Ghost behind it. Ex: Shedletsky's Ghost. When I got there there was a castle in the center. I went inside the castle, I saw the same figure as earlier. All of the sudden, my character started moving closer to it like it had a mind of it's own. When I got closer, I heard a whisper saying "You're dead now" And I jumped out of my chair. I left roblox for 6 months. When I came back, my username was "pico64's Ghost" and I almost fainted. My character was all translucent with a creepy smile that I didn't even own. It wasn't even in the catalog! I went to the forums to ask questions, but they saw my translucent body and called me a hacker.


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