The user 0x71, is a myth, first appearing in 1/18/2017. The user, who speaks LiKE tHiS, sometimes says 'CoRrUPTiOn' or 'DiSConNeCtIoN', then disconnects or leaves. Rumors say that the user is a exploiter, but that hasn't been found out yet. The user had also made a game named 0x71, cecidit ad regem (In Latin, this is "0x71, fell to the king", and also the description says "This is my ultimate impact" in Latin), which is a game where you spawn somewhere. You would find a 'statue' of him, with his face having RED eyes. If you went near the statue, you'd be teleported to a black area, which would reveal a invisible pathway on the other side. When the pathway was finished, your game would either disconnect, or you'd be kicked.

0x71 is known for joining random games, usually consisting of myth games. If you made 0x71 angry, he would lit you on fire then you'd die. Once a player amount of 6 has been reached, everyone but 0x71 will be killed and made look like a [Content Deleted] user.

EDIT 2/24/2017: User was banned. Reason is unknown.

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