I Was Continuing My Gaming Experience On Roblox Until It Had an Error. 

ROBLOX Had an "Unknown" Issue With The Site, Please wait for a moment to reload the page.

I Was Confused.  Roblox Should Know What Was this Issue!

I Am Having Doubts. 

The Page Reloaded Later, I Hope its Fine.

Roblox Soon Worked Pretty Well.

That Was Just The Beginning. I Swear Somthings 

The Places Were Really Weird. They were all Content Deleted. I Looked at my Friends list,

All Of them were offline.

Was My Internet Connection Lost?

I checked my Router. It was fine.

I Scanned my PC, Nothing, No Malware,

20 minutes later I was On Steam.

I thought my Days on Roblox were Gone.

Then Mcafee Notified That Roblox Was Detected As An Error.

I Looked at that Notification Again.

I Checked Roblox.exe

It was renamed to ______.exe

There was also a Notepad next to it.


I found These words Layed in with the Gibberish,

Roblox. has. an. unknown. error.

Really What suprised me was the Message.

But I was think. "Where Did this notepad came from?"​

I got a PM.

I looked.

It was a Link.

But where too?

I dont know.

It was a Blank Space.

I Typed in roblox.

Nothing happened.

I typed in Unknown

A file Appeared.

RobloxScreenShot10182015 134603607

The Jpg File I was describing.

What Could this Be?

it was called roblox1.exe

Im Never opening that file.

It came with a jpg file too

The picture was Pretty Greusome It Describes A Black Figure Holding the Intestines Of a

Mutilated Robloxian Following another one eating the Liver Of the Corpse.

I was Disgusted

I couldnt get this Picture out of my mind.

I had Nightmares.

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