One Day, I was playing my cousin's ROBLOX Game with him, it was really fun actually! we got to build things and make Obby's, then a player named "0000000HELP0000000" joined, his skin was fully black, and exactly when he joined, everything turned red, I decided to type in the chat, and I said "Who are you?" but typing in chat was a bad idea, I got the Blue Screen of Death and I restarted my computer, when it started, everything on my desktop was red, and there was only 1 file on the desktop now, it was a picture... I opened it and it was a picture of me with the player behind me, I freaked out at that point, but I was still interested, I saw there was an internet browser too, I clicked on it, and it brought me to a version of ROBLOX where both sides of the background were red, and the welcome message was just "00000welcome0000" at this point, my heart was pumping really hard,

I decided to visit that users profile again and it was gone, nowhere to be found, but when I refreshed, it was there.

The Website

The Website.

I then decided just to quit ROBLOX Entirely, and I never visited it again...

Bandicam 2016-10-02 14-51-11-052

I then quit ROBLOX entirely and moved on with my life.

The End.

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