ɃɒѿȠßǰ has been joining my games, All I did was report him. I never hurt him. Other people try and tease me for it. But he stays alive never stopping to rest. ɃɒѿȠßǰ is why I don't play ROBLOX anymore. He would always say "ȩǻȿỹ -ɃɒѿȠßǰ" to me then leaves. It hurts to play when someone is sneaking up on you and trying to stop you. He used to be my friend. Then all of my ROBLOX friends went missing. I still want to leave this game. The hope I have is going away. I can see HIM COMING UP MY STEPS! ɃɒѿȠßǰ, WHAT DID I DO! I can see his knife! OH NO! I can't MAKE ITGYS BHGD SGHFDSHGFFDHBG.

Thomas Mason was found dead at 12:00 in his home. The only evidence is this document and he had his computer up playing only with a user called ɃɒѿȠßǰ. Further investigation will be needed.

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