please read InsaneDude's World of Tests first since this is a sequel to that creepypasta. thnx.

it was a bright morning. i remembered about last morning , when i played ROBLOX in my Ipad. i tried to investigate about the event that happened last morning. so i opened ROBLOX in my Windows 8 , then searched for "InsaneDude's World of Tests". i found the game but it was closed to visitors. i tried to search ??? in people , i found ???'s userpage. i clicked the "Creations" tab in the userpage and i found this game called "A25125". i joined the game and found a talking NPC model. i talked to the NPC model and the NPC replied , "Please play this on your iOS's ROBLOX!" i played A25125 on my Ipad and the scare returns.

to be continued....

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