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There is a possible way to go beyond into this popular free game called "Roblox", when I say beyond Roblox I mean literally, way beyond to the point where you can actually see behind the darkest secrets out there. So..........what is the purpose? It is unknown, but according to my cousin, the purpose was to gain fame and happiness, oddly enough it wasn't as easy as any other rituals.

I was very depressed, no friends, no girlfriends, teased, hated, bad grades even though i tried really hard, angry teachers, and usually having an angry family, it was a really hard life, but back before is was 12, I was a sweet boy who got good grades, a lot of friends, happy family and I used to love going to school until 8th grade where i started taking really hard classes and I'm dropped out because of it, left alone in society.

So my only comfort was to play video games but mostly with my teddy bear and my fox plushies, I treated them as my "real" friends as I don't have any, I hugged or placed both of them next to me every time I stay in my room playing video games on my laptop, but since my cousin told me about this ritual, I thought I could use this to seek fame and happiness, but he warned me that I must meet the specific requirements.

So without further do, here's what you must do to gain fame and happiness with Roblox, like my cousin warned me it is very likely for you to not only to give you a virus but to harm you.

You will need a few items:

- Roblox studio

- A computer mouse

- Candles, candle styles from other countries would work kind of better giving more chance of being done property like this one but regular ones would do:


If you don't have roblox, go to and download from there, i'm not going to explain every single step so watch this video:



Youtube - "How to download Roblox for PC" by TheGamingGuy

Once you got roblox, it should come with Roblox Studio. If it doesn't then I can't find any video for you so look it up yourself.

So open up Roblox studio, once you did you should build a house

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